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October 01, 2018

SCIB’s Prism turns Gold


Following the introduction of SCIB’s application on an all-new design template, bringing into light a stunning display of color in the world of digital wonders; Icon Creations introduces SCIB Paints to a novel update for their application. With an ever-increasing demand for sampling, the gorgeous application has received critical acclaim across social media platforms, but has also won a truly deserved Gold Award for Best Designed Mobile App for September 2018, at the Best Mobile App Awards. The crowned laurel has since been delighting fans across Egypt, delivering quality-inspired colors to an ever-growing demand on interiors and style guided decor. Icon Creations has taken matters personally to introduce a variety of spectacular features that help users find the perfect colors and ideas for their homes, while keeping them updated with the latest SCIB news, tips, offers and much more.

The application features a color palette that allows you to explore different color combinations, inspirational images and more to create the perfect home style and appeal. Users can also save their choice of favorite colors and inspired images. SCIB is now able to simplify the process of picking and choosing different colors for interiors using a stylish color picker, where you’re simply asked to take a photo with your phone's camera, and presto! Your nearest color match pops up on screen. The ease of use of the software is attributed to tailored digital interiors, including office settings, family rooms, bedrooms; while enabling you to merge between hundreds of primary, secondary and tertiary colors; unlocking the fullest potential of choices, all in a simple swipe.

We don’t stop there though, as the features continue to roll out by introducing Color Match. The feature enables you to enter the HEX or RGB code of any color to get the nearest color matches from SCIB palette. With Paint Calculator, you can estimate the paint type and how much paint you'll need for your painting project according to your selections to save you the annoyance of having to dash out midway through painting or having liters of left over paint. We also affluently introduced an all new “Get Inspired” section that blends inspirational styles alongside impressionable colors, leaving audiences in awe of sought out options, just so users can see the bigger picture of their designs. The application also features a store locator to facilitate purchasing wherever you may be.

SCIB Paints is available for free on iOS and Android.