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What We Do

We bring more to the table than any other digital agency in Egypt.
Our expertise spreads out to diverse areas in order to establish a comprehensive presence for your brand while realizing its full potential through creating an exciting experience for your audience.

Video Production


Creative Content | Storyboard


Infographics | Motion Graphics | Animation


Shooting | Directing


Post-production (Editing | Visual and Sound effects | Video Manipulation)

Our video production team harnesses the company’s collective vision and passionate innovation to shoot, direct and produce quality videos from inception to execution… and beyond. Always aiming to bring brands to light through our creative thought process, our range of video production services incorporate the best of animation, motion graphics, infographics and on-ground live coverage that help personify and showcase your offering to any target audience you may seek.

As one of the top video production companies in Egypt with an in-house studio and creative team to act as its backbone, we do it all when it comes to video. Starting from communicating a storyboard that give an overview of the project to post-production services such as editing, visual & sound effects, and video manipulation, our crew handles your video requirements all along your journey from ideation to implementation, guaranteeing the proper communication of your product or service experience and strategic vision through our finished production, no matter your industry.

As our studio evolved over the years to cater to the rising popularity of video on social platforms, we became an established video production agency in Egypt and have witnessed the growth of our creative team’s passion for implementing the latest technologies and production techniques, and today we offer the best creative video solutions available in the market. Leading institutions in many sectors have had top-notch videos delivered, including but not limited to: governmental organizations, such as the Ministry of Investment & International Cooperation (currently renamed to Ministry of International Cooperation) that wanted to raise awareness across different areas like education and housing to a wide audience, for which we created 3 infographic videos that honored the Ministry’s contribution to society’s advancement. We also created an infographic video for the “Investment without Challenges” initiative by the Ministry that aimed to attract foreign investment to boost the Egyptian economy.

In the automotive world, we have produced videos for many leading brands of the industry, such as BMW Egypt for which we created several videos over the years, including the annual coverage of the BMW Golf Cup International from 2016 until 2019, as well as live launch events, ceremonies, interviews, mini documentaries, and product-specific ads for their extensive model range. Being pioneers of automotive digital content, we have also proudly served a notable selection of top auto brands in Egypt with state-of-the-art production, such as KIA Motors, Ford, SEAT, Volkswagen, MINI, and Mitsubishi.

In the FMCG sector, we created videos for several major brands to showcase their products and special recipes, such as Bake Rolz & Stix, Nutrifit, Nido 1Plus, Molto, Coppermelt, and Danone.

More top clients include World Bank for their youth mainstreaming approach video, Arab African International Bank (AAIB) for their El Gouna Squash Open 2018 sponsorship series, and the Information & Decision Support Center for their infomercial series targeting annual arbitrage.

Discover our work, explore our client portfolio, or get in touch to request a quotation or ask us your questions about video production.