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What We Do

We bring more to the table than any other digital agency in Egypt.
Our expertise spreads out to diverse areas in order to establish a comprehensive presence for your brand while realizing its full potential through creating an exciting experience for your audience.

Web Development


Responsive Website Design & Development


CRM & DMP Integration

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Stress Testing, Security & Maintenance

As a first-class web design and development company in Egypt, Icon Creations specializes in delivering the best e-commerce and general websites, including a consultation to the best market approach for your brand. We not only build your platform, but we also help guide you through the process of optimizing your content, creating and launching product microsites while building upon rich and fluid user experiences. This in turn helps you communicate your brand’s perspective while adhering to the most current web development trends.

Through the seamless integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Management Platform (DMP) systems, we enable you to reach all your potential target audience and grant further exposure to grow your platform’s presence and communicate your offering. We also perform stress testing on our end products while adhering to the highest global standards of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, website security protocols and maintenance practices, guaranteeing that your finished product is always kept trendy and safe from any external attempts to compromise it. User journeys are also an integral part of our meticulous website design process, where we make sure to implement the trendiest, most intuitive user interface technologies to provide a streamlined experience for users of all demographics to browse through and thoroughly enjoy surfing the website, no matter what your brand offering is.

Icon Creations has been providing web development and design services in Cairo, Egypt, for many years, and today our portfolio spans leading organizations on a local, regional and international level. Over time, we have delivered top-notch websites and microsites to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: governmental institutions such as the Ministry of Investment & International Cooperation (currently renamed to Ministry of International Cooperation) that includes the Investment for Africa Forum website in addition to the ministry’s official website, the Central Bank of Egypt for its two initiatives Ta7weel Mobile Money and FinTech Egypt, and the Ministry of Planning & Economic Development’s mobile applications competition for students; automotive brands such as BMW Egypt and their BMW E-Magazine, KIA for their Unlock Your Surprise viral campaign, Sportage web special and KIA Egypt’s official website, Volkswagen Passat web special, Geely, Mazda, SEAT, Mitsubishi, Ghabbour Auto, and Egyptian International Motors, and finally a variety of prominent clients in Egypt such as Alex Bank, Egyptian Finance Housing Company by Credit Agricole, Falak Startups, El Tayebi Developments, La Sirena Group, SCIB Paints, Sherketak, and United Oil Processing & Packaging.

Discover our work, explore our client portfolio, or get in touch to request a quotation or ask us your questions about website design and development.