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Scib Paints


Delivering the world of SCIB’s colors to their customers through an intuitive, fresh mobile app yielded delightful results, where the app includes many unique features such as Color Picker, Color Palette and Get Inspired; all aiming to empower users to create fully customizable living or work spaces.
The colorful design coupled with the app’s fluid flow delivers an easy-to-use app that gives customers an in-depth look at all that SCIB has to offer.

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Customize Your Space

Explore the affluent colors of SCIB Paints as different color combinations, inspirational images and useful options come together for you to create and recreate your own style and appeal

Easy Coloring

An intuitive interface with an unparalleled choice of colors on our customized palettes, SCIB soars to an all-new height of color detail as users are enabled to mix and match from a variety of styling options on template interiors.

Standing Out

Heavy on visuals but light on your device, SCIB's app allows you to show off your choices on the go

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