fekretak-sherketak-ad-screenshot-masrawy-cairo360-monitor-laptop fekretak-sherketak-ad-screenshot-masrawy-cairo360-monitor-laptop fekretak-sherketak-ad-screenshot-masrawy-cairo360-monitor-laptop
Fekretak Sherketak

Fekretak Sherketak


As a prominent startup accelerator initiative by the Ministry of Investment & International Cooperation that was created to support and empower the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs, Fekretak Sherketak's ad campaign was deployed on both Masrawy and Yalla Kora, among other established websites, to promote their services such as providing funding, mentorship, training and much more.
The advertisements generated the necessary exposure for the ministry’s initiative, connecting Egypt’s startup ecosystem players for a better future.

Exclusively Placed

Fekretak Sherketak Featured on Masrawy

A special feature on Yalla Kora


Eye-catching positioning

Our creatives used the brand's unique colours to encourage entrepreneurs to submit their ideas

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