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From the unique faces of London and Mini John’s campaign to Mini Egypt’s Facebook page, we continue to deliver stunning visuals that showcase MINI in its true limelight. By blending unique designs, strategic ad placement and the implementation of a global vision, the brand has been able to stand out empirically from the competition across the region.

The new MINI Hatch on Contact Cars

MINI Countryman Test Drive campaign deployed on mobile

MINI Countryman Test Drive responsive display

MINI Countryman Test Drive on Yallakora

The new MINI Hatch on Cairo 360

The new MINI Hatch mobile campaign


MINI to the Max

Mini has established itself as a substantial market leader in the MENA region. Through strategic placement, we have been able to leverage the brand to where it stands today.

MINI Countryman Test Drive

MINI deployed an advertising campaign to promote its new Countryman model, through allowing users to book test drives via social media platforms

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