white-bay-bird-eye-view-drone-shot-beach-resort white-bay-bird-eye-view-drone-shot-beach-resort white-bay-bird-eye-view-drone-shot-beach-resort

White Bay


White Bay is a beautiful resort located in Sidi Heneish on the North Coast, featuring an exquisite venue which people of all ages can enjoy. With a lush landscape, brilliant architecture and a 14,000 sqm wide open Crystal Lagoon, Whitebay comes across as one of the most up-and-coming resorts that includes housing units for every family.
Our social strategy for Whitebay is gracefully complemented by their stunning location and sky-blue waters, personified in relaxing visuals and an applied vision across their social presence.

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Summer as it should be!

Whitebay is your natural escape, your wellness center and your luxurious time-out from the city and its hectic routine. Being an emerging resort in a prime location, their digital fans are always excited to receive news and updates about the ongoing mega-project's development and we are always happy to deliver sunshine and blue waters; all in anticipation of the summer season.



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